Solid Perfume Forums Re: guess which ones for winter 2003

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Wow – you probably have another name for a knicker-bocker glory. It’s a dessert in kind of like a milkshake glass (back to that one again!) and it’s filled with different flavours of icecream, maybe a bit of fruit, cream and those thick, sticky dessert sauces! [Razz]
As for the Helter Skelter it is like a tall tower in the middle with stairs in it and then round the outside is a slide that coils round it to the bottom. [Big Grin] ah back to my youth when we would go to the seaside and pay for so many rides, you used to take a mat a bit like a door mat with you and slide down on it!
[Big Grin]
I like the sound of both of those – bring back fond memories! [Wink]