Solid Perfume Forums Re: guess which ones for winter 2003

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Well Debbie, I hope you realise just what you started. I couldn’t sleep last night. Everytime I shut my eyes another solid came to mind. What about a stack of pancakes with maple syrup, a knickerbocker glory, or strawberry shortcake for the food theme. I liked the idea of a sleigh for Christmas. What about a punchbowl with a ladle and little cups, a martini glass, a Pimm’s. St Basils (spelling?) in Moscow. For the circus, how about another clown, on stilts this time or what about a ringmaster or a helter skelter, what about one of those boat things where you pull the rope, what are they called? Are they gondola’s? Oh! a gondola from venice, how nice would that be. You can see what you have done to me can’t you? Don’t you feel sorry? [Cry]
I’m sure we would all love to see our favourite’s for sale but…..can you imagine the cost if EL made even half of our suggestions?!?!?!? [Eek!] [Eek!]
Does anyone know a bank I could rob? [Roll Eyes]