Solid Perfume Forums Re: guess which ones for winter 2003
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Debbie, you are doing just fine!! listen to what Ann, ken, Miss Ray and Lisa said….
Lisa, I ditto your statement…..give me a break Pancho, let’s not get carried away here…
Debbie, don’t you dare stop posting your fun ideas…nor should anyone else..
I enjoy ALL the great ideas you people have…

Just a note: I have two golden retreivers and my sister has four labs!!! I think it is safe to say I love animals. And yes, I support the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States yearly. Now let’s have some fun with estee lauder solids here at!!!!

Have a great day everyone – it’s like 4 degrees here in upstate new york!!!!!
Time to go to boca and visit lisa & jack

Pamela [Smile] [Wink] [Silly] [Big Grin]