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I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal with NM. I’d be ticked too! Your SA should have given you the heads-up on the beauty event and offered to ring up your solids during the event so you’d receive all these great freebies! We certainly pay enough for these solids, it is nice to get a GWP too!

The SA at the NM near me had offered to do this for me which worked out quite well. In fact, there is an In Circle event at the end of this month where she will ring up another solid for me so I can take advantage of more freebies. She will pull the solids I’ve selected so they will not be sold to anyone else until the event(s) take place. So I purchased two solids during the Beauty Event and I will purchase another one during the In Circle Event.

And the SA at the Saks near me will do the same for me as well. In fact, Saks Beauty Week begins tomorrow, so she will ring up one of the solids for me and has spread out all five of the Strongwater solids between now and the end of the year so I can take advantage of all the events, including double & triple point days. Also, on Oct. 9-11 at Saks, if you purchase $250-499, you get a $50 gift card, which you could apply to another solid purchase! [Wink]

I’d be happy to give you a heads-up when I learn of these events from the SAs I deal with at NM & Saks. Hope this helps. [Smile]

Take care, Jeanette [Big Grin]