Solid Perfume Forums Re: Good deals ?

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Did anyone get good deals lately (ebay, estate sales, garage and yard sales)?

The last few months I was lucky to win these solids on ebay…mostly with buy-it-now: [Big Grin]

Affectionate Fish $200
MIB Flowering Tangerine $45
Lucky Rabbit (ivory series) $199
Contented Cat $180
Peach $80
-and a couple others [Cool]

It wasn’t me, but some lucky ebayers won a MIB Harrod’s Hatbox $200 and Contented Cat $99. [Smile]

I have 0% luck at any estate/yard/garage sales. It’s so bad that I can’t find any junk perfume items such as a spray bottle of cheap half used perfume. I’m either a late arrival, or sellers know the value of their stuff. [Confused]