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Sunshine has just reappeared here in my South Flordia area. Feel so very grateful that the worst winds and storm surge again missed our location and that we never lost power. We were fully prepared to travel west to the home of a neice if storm headed for us. Lisa is a few miles north of here and winds and rain would have been heavier. Hope they didn't lose power again. Feel concern for Ron and Mary Lou as they are experiencing a third hit in Orlando. And Donna – didn't she just say the power just came back from the last storm? Geez! Don't know if this storm is headed toward her or not. If any of them could let us know their needs I am close enough to help in any way possible.

Glad to know Michele is recovering from hand injury. Very strange that the only casuality from a hurricane in this group would occur in PA. Hope Jeanne will die out before traveling much farther north.

These hurricanes are scary even when not in the worst of it. The howling winds and horizontal rains make one very nervous. It helps to receive the good wishes from so many on this site. Thanks.