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Hi everyone,

I just could not get the extra pounds off myself so I started Lindora, so far so good lost 12 pounds. This is a low carb diet but I am having a problem getting enough exercise. Right now I don't touch sugar or bread. It is really getting harder the older I get my old diets when I was in my 20's and 30's just don't work anymore.

I read the book “Why French Women are slim” or How French Women Stay Slim” can't remember the title right now. Have to say I liked the book and it made sense, I did drop a couple of pounds following the books advise. But then I got lazy slowed down on my water and exercise ” POOF” the weight came back on. Ok, it was not poof it was a pound here and there I said I would take off the next day and the next until I had gained 10 pounds, then I stopped!

I am really going to try to eat right and double up on my exercise.