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Hi Lisa,
On my NYC trip I had Afternoon Tea 4 times! I really didn't know what it would do. The caffeine and sugar from the goodies and the bread. It really didn't do anything. I gained 2lbs on the trip and they were gone in about 3 days after I got home. Now, once my neighbor brought us caramel cake, I ate some of it to be nice, big mistake! The next day it made me weak and hungry. That's one thing about no sugar, caffeine or bread I don't get hungry where I just have too eat.
I thought I would miss the pasta and bread but I don't. I don't have cravings or get real hungry. It's nice. Something to drink always fills me up.
If you drink Arizona ice tea be careful. The ph will eat your teeth. Bad for you good for your dentist.
I think a few goodies now and then are ok for me.
I did the South Beach diet over the internet. I got recipes and meal plans daily. It was good for me because I could pick and choose what I like.
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