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This is such an amazing topic, Ann and Ken your success sounds like one of those stories from Oprah Winfrey – good luck to you. <img src='style_emoticons//smile.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’smile.gif’ />

Joking aside, living here has been exceptionally good for us, we no longer exist on fast food and take away so our diet is much better.

I start the morning with coffee and two pieces of fruit – easy to eat, Paul has coffee and a handful of Jaffa Cakes (he needs the extra energy!!).

Lunch is generally some salad leaves with homemade dressing (neighbours taught me how), tabouleh/cous cous, perhaps a hard boiled egg or some cheese or some slices of cured sausage. Paul will generally have a few slices of french bread to bulk it out. Then we will have some more fruit.

Dinner is whatever meat we have, cooked on the barbecue, again with salad or maybe a baked potato. Dessert is generally some cheese with a little bread.

What we have found is that we never snack between meals, we really enjoy our food, and we take our time – something we never did before. Our work is manual, building the new house, restoring the old one and trying to get a garden going – so that is making a great difference too. Excercise is pleasant here, a walk through the countryside in the quiet of the evening or a swim in our neighbours pool. We are hoping to have our own pool by next summer and it will be big enough to have a proper swim.

Like so many of you I have tried to diet for a good proportion of my life and I am hoping that this change to our way of life will truly be the answer for me.

Best of luck to everyone – oh and Lisa, Venison is very good for you, exceptionally lean so give it a try.