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Hi, Im so sorry that you feel like this. I have just really started collecting Estee Solids. I cant afford all the ones I would like, but thats what makes if fun! You save up and purchase the ones that you really really want! I dont feel like this is an investment for me. I think that the Estees Solids are like owning a little piece of magic, a little beautiful yummy smelling sparkly treasure. Its about owning a part of the American Dream. A young woman started this business at a time when a woman business owner was almost unheard of. And she made it into one of the biggerst cosmetic companies in the world!
I wanted to address your concerns about the Estee Reps making all this money from you. I used to work for Estee 5 years ago as a Counter Manager. I made under $7.00 a hour and got 3% comission. Not exactly millions. It might be different now. It might vary from store to store and state to state, but its still retail.
Do I agree with you that the Solids can be too high priced? Yes, but if there are people out there who want and can afford to pay thousands of dollars for one, thats their business. There are plenty of other ones out there that I can afford, and sparkle no less then the ones that cost hundreds more. So maybe it dosent have the box, and maybe the perfume isnt perfect, and maybe its older, but its still special to me, even more so. To think that somebody bought it before I was born, and loved it and used it, and cherished it enough to not throw it away when the perfume was gone seems to me to be more valueable then the ones that we bought 2 years ago and never touched. Still loved, but differently.
This is just my opinion, and it wasnt meant to hurt anyones feelings. Just the rambelings of a new collector…