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It’s perfectly fine if someone is willing to pay more. No big deal. If you wait, the same solid will be listed and maybe for less. However,…

Rant #1: I get tired of the same person outbidding me on the same item they already have 5 of!!! I would like to win just one. Is that so much to ask? I don’t understand why someone needs 5 pandas, for example. The odd thing is that I never see this same person reselling on ebay. I can understand if they want a 2nd because the one they have is damaged or boxless. Or, perhaps to buy a gift.

Rant #2: Bidding against someone who intends to resell $100+ more than they paid. This occurs when a solid is listed for a low price (usually no reserve).

Two discouraging outcomes:

1) Prices go sky high because everyone wants a great deal. I don’t find this to be a problem as long as a collector wins. Sure, I would like to win, but I’m much happier to wait and pay less later.

2) The reseller/dealer increases bids so you end up paying more. They often bid close to the original retail. If you are lucky to win, you won’t be getting the best deal you could have. Ahhh, if only the reseller would take a vacation more often.