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I got a call from Micky from Estee Lauder in NY and she let me know that some powder compacts are being discontinued and sent back to the company by this Friday. If anyone is interested please contact Micky and she will get them in the mail to you. She has the following jeweled powder compacts:

Pear these are $125.00

Tropical Fish
Turtle these are $75.00

Also Micky has the gold charm bracelet for $64.00, this bracelet is so darling and has the Youth Dew bottle (the exact same as the solid) and the following charms: purse, shoe with stones, White Linen bottle, Beautiful bottle brush and comb with stones and a lipstick with red enamel and stones as well.

Micky will be in today as well as the rest of the week and can be reached at #1-888-731-6024
Her email is:

All orders must be placed by Friday.
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