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Hi Everyone,
I wanted to write about the full distribution solids for a month but wasn’t able to get in because I forgot my log-in [Razz] Finally has time to e-mail Lisa to get it [Smile]
Anyway, the full distribution solids in my opinion are just not that good anymore.

Let’s start with the pegasus it’s just last year’s unicorn re-done [Big Grin] not very interesting unless you collect them (Pegasus) and not well made at all. Even my 12 year old niece thought it looked crazy with the way they made the tail (Come on Estee Lauder are all the good designers just working on the more expensive solids for Sak’s and Neiman?) DIDN’T BUY THIS ONE!

Sand castle I got this one only because it fits with my other red and gold full distribution soilds from a couple of years ago. [Eek!] It’s not that bad but could have been better.

Dog in Tub (oh my) what is this? what is the stuff that is supposed to be bubbles? Maybe the store that I went to [Macy’s in Lakewood, CA] had a bad lot but the bubble stuff was coming out of all of the tubs? Also I just think it doesn’t look that good, too small also (DIDN’T BUY THIS ONE)

Last, the cameo, as Lisa mentioned Estee we need another design please! There just wasn’t any thought to this one besides “just make another cameo like all the rest just so we can have something for 2002” Again I ask what were they thinking? [Frown]
P.s. I did buy this one because I love cameos but it was in protest [Big Grin]

Overall grade C- for the 2002 full distribution solids. However, I would give the Neiman and Sak’s solids a solid B, (no pun intented) okay A+ for the Strongwater ones—simple beautiful!!!

I have read several of the last posts and I also wonder does Estee Lauder really care about what we think?

When I purchased my solids I spoke with the counter manager and she assured me that she would pass my disppointment on to her boss. All we can do is wait until next year and hope that they are better.

One more thing: I have not purchased any of the new solids from Sak’s or Neiman I just can’t do it. So if anyone wants to donate the showgirl from Vegas, a dragonfly from Sak’s or the matador and spanish dancer from Neiman to a good cause (me) you know where you can find me—I’ll be the lady playing with my old Estee Lauder solids [Wink] [Wink]