Solid Perfume Forums Re: Geat E.L. solid finds at Flea Market!

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Greetings from sunny (well raining today) California:

I got up this morning and went to my favorie Flea Market (Long Beach Vet’s in Long Beach, California)
It had rained all night so I didn’t think a lot of dealers would be there but I thought what the heck….I needed the exercise!
I was there about 10 minutes looking at all the fun things and I spotted a perfume solid in the shape of a golden peanut “Not Estee Lauder” but (a great find for $15.00)

I walked for another 10 minutes and found a very nice lady selling perfume items and jewelry. Then I spotted my items: OH MY GOODNESS

Estee Lauder “Pocket Watch Pendant” 1974 Gerson pg. 44 and

Estee Lauder “Nightstar” 1980 Gerson pg. 64 with box (very nice item)

Okay I know you want to know how much…well I got both items for $27.00 (I know you hate me [New Laugh] )

I’ll never shop on Ebay again [Razz] [Razz] [Razz]

It’s funny I remember asking others did they find solids at Flea markets etc…and I didn’t get a lot of responses…but now I know personally that it can happen.
To finish my day I found another nice horse shoe with horse head inside perfume solid for $20.00

This was a very good day [Wink]

I would love to hear about other Flea markets, swap meets, etc where Estee Lauder solids are found.
Until then happy hunting!!! [Cool]