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Thanks Sandra,

My hubby says I sometimes have a horseshoe up my ……… LOL. But this was hard work. I have been working on getting a local woman to let me have her collection to sell for many years (at least 4) . These are all from her private collection. She worked for EL traveleing from high end store to high end store for special events etc.. She left EL when she got married 5 years ago. Because I was so successful selling the other solids she gave me, and because she just had to clean out a packrat relative's house, she decided it was finally time to let go of them. And guess what???? There are still more to come! All in all almost 100 pieces will be coming my way over the next few weeks. Most of them she only has 1 of. Not like the last batch that she gave me that there were 2 of this 4 of that 6 of another. A few may be duplicates, very few. And there are Powders too! Brigitte is waiting anxiously to hear exactly what I have. May be listing more this evening if not I will get them on in the morning tomorrow. ANyone needing to check my sellers list I use the same ID – pirologists or email me and I will send you a link.

Thanks again for your kind words,