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Ohhh Jacky,

I loooove Lighters, but I also know that n the UK they can be quite expensive at the boot sales etc. Have many freinds in the London metro area that are also into lighters and surprise! Perfume. If your at Portabello, seek out these 2 dealers Tom & Brigitte Clarke and or Richard Ball. There are others but these 2 regularily “stall out”, Tom & Brigitte travel the world looking for fine compacts and perfume, along with lighters. I have known them for many years. Richard used to have his own lighter club (he has passed it on) but he too has had an interest in perfume. The four of us have had many a wonderful afternoons (and evenings) talking shop, shopping at Chicago Antique shops, sight seeing, and of course Bar (or pub) hopping.

Buying lighters for others is like trying to buy solids for others, each one has their own little likes and dislikes. Where as there are few companies that made perfume solids there are literally thousands of lighter manufacturers. The kind of lighters I like are very expensive and need exceptionaly close inspection . But it is so kind of your to mention that you have seen them

If you do run into Richard, or Tom & Brigitte, please extend to them my warmest hello.