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Hi all solid perfume pals !

We have a german website with gifs, funpics, infos how to construkt websites, horseriding and so on …
The webadress is

Now we started a visitors exchange at our site and need a few new websites for integrate them into this system to make it run.
I think ist a good idea to make your website more popular. It’s all for free [Smile] . We want to integrade perfume sites, collectors sites, private homepages, commercial ones and so on …

Our Login is written in german language – if you like you can post your website by yourself. If you are not familiar [Confused] with the german language and you are interested you can send me a private message ( )and I can put your website in ( unlimited views for you ) [Big Grin] . No work for you, no risc and all for free but just a little investment to make your website popular.

The only rule to accept your site is : send me your url and very important – no pop ups, no illegal contents, no sex !!!
I hope of a lot of resonance.

Hi Lisa [Wink] !

I just put your website in as an example. If you don’t like this I can cancel it – but I hope you let it in. I try to add more and more perfume sites ( german and english ) by the time.

Greetings !