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Hi Everyone,
I know I’m on the “late freight” on this one but I just received a late…Christmas gift…okay..a late…New Year gift…okay a January gift of the NM Flamenco Dancer. A friend of mine heard that I liked this solid and surprised me with it. My question…did everyone like this one? Also do I now have to get the matador to complete this set? Now that I think about it what about a steer from 2 years ago…this is beginning to sound like a display idea for Ken and Ann [Wink]
P.s. Don’t you think that the faces on some of the Estee Lauder solids could use some help/assistance. I really like the body of the Flamenco Dancer the red crystals and the dress are beautiful…but what’s with the face. I have seen this problem with the 2002 Nordstrom fairy and the NM cowgirl looks a little funny. Any thoughts????comments???