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I enjoyed my first visit to the IBPA convention yesterday. I went to the sale and exhibition, where I had the opportunity to meet Nancy, Woody, Phyllis and Lorraine. It was such a pleasure meeting them.

There were not many solids at the sale. And there was no information given out concerning the new solids for the fall. So, unfortunately, I have nothing to share with all of you. I was really disappointed as I was hoping to at least have a glimpse of the new solids.

I managed to come away with a solid for myself (thanks, Woody!) and my friend purchased a nice cameo powder compact (thanks again, Woody!).

I didn't get a chance to meet Angela yesterday….I wonder what happened to her?? I found Nancy, but says she does not have the Ivory Panda. Did Angela win the battle with Nancy over the Ivory Panda and go into hiding?? Woody or Nancy, can you explain???? Did you ever find Angela?

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