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Aussie Girl
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Hi all & thank you so much for your concern. We are back in Melbourne now having spent the week-end at our country property which is right in the very centre of Victoria. Fortunately the fires are not too near us but had we gone ahead with our plans which we cancelled when we learnt the temperature was going to be 48C (120F) we would have been in the middle of one of the fires. I cannot tell you how totally devasting it is. These bushfires are fireballs propelled by extreme heat & winds destroying everything & everyone in its path – there is no warning, particularly when the wind can change direction in seconds. We have not seen anything like it before & it is the worst disaster Australia has experienced. I personally have good friends who have lost everything – their houses, stables, horses, dogs, stock & property but fortunately not their lives (as yet).

Although I don't know Sandra or can really speak on her behalf I know she lives in Sydney and there is no danger there. N.S.W. has a bushfire in the Hunter Valley – a wine growing area some couple of hours out of Sydney but I believe it is under control. Unless Sandra has travelled into country Victoria over the week-end I'm sure she would be quite O.K.

Country Victoria is in total drought & last week we had 5 days straight of 45C (about 110F) degree temperatures so with the high winds, no rain and dry, dry acres of land you can just imagine how quickly it burns. But this is just horrendous. The stock & wildlife have nowhere to go either.

Sorry I can't be more positive but it's just sole destroying.