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How are you feeling Sandra? I hope you are as good as new in no time! You are right Margaret, my Chows hate this hot weather. When it finally cooled down after 4 days of intense heat, they were as playful as pups again. I have seen no sign of little foxes, but another female has shown up who I call Heidi. She is beautiful and blond ( like Heidi Klum ) The other female Jojo chases her, but she has figured out if she comes around about 2 hrs later I will feed her as well. I know my herd of Whitetail Deer have had their babies, as only a few are showing up to eat fruit from my plum tree. When the babies are ready, the Moms will bring them to me as I feed them dried corn. I can't wait to see the babies! I wish Strongwater would do a deer solid, wouldn't that be cute?