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Back in October, I went to the EL Collector’s Luncheon at Neimans. I met Michelle Janecek. I believe she is the EL Account Exec. for Neiman’s here in Dallas.

Anyway, a crystal had come out of one of my solids. I had the crystal, but I just needed to know EL’s policy regarding repair. She (Michelle) was very helpful…said that Victoria and Co. who manufactures the solids would repair at “no charge”. I called Victoria and Co. They did not know anything about this, but said they would fix the problem, as long as I had the crystal. There seemed to be confusion regarding a “repair policy”. I e-mailed Michelle with this information. She replied that she would follow up for me.

I finally just decided to have a trusted jeweler friend fix it here and he did and I am happy.

You might want to contact Victoria and Co. and ask about replacement crystals. Here is the info: I don’t have an e-mail address for Victoria…..but I will include Michelle’s e-mail, in case you might want to contact her.

or call:

Victoria & Co.
10 New Road
E. Providence, RI 02916

Hope this helps…..let us know!!