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I am afraid my feelings re the empty solids and now the refills which apparantly one can purchase, still remain the same!

I and others have been a collector for many years! This is not a new whim and something I have just found as a hobby to indulge in.

Let me make my personal opinion clear! I collect the solids old and new and other items relating to perfume. I have paid a great deal of money in the past to find my older solids and new ones, in mint condition. We have all seen the influx of the older solids which have been copied and also solids released at ridiculously low prices from the Warehouses and unscrupulous dealers.

Buy whatever YOU want but please do not say this is a good idea when something is once again affecting the many solid perfume collectors who have integrity, believe in their honesty as to what they wish to have in their collections. We are not talking about WOOLWORTHS! wE HAVE ALL SEEN HOW WOOLWORTHS WENT DOWN THE DRAIN HERE IN THE U.K due to their pricing etc. I do not want to see that happen with these beautiful items which I have spent time and money searching for over the years!

I think it is disgusting that now we have gone down to another level i.e. copying the actual perfume! As if it wasn't enough that people were copying the solids and selling them, WHAT NEXT!

I have no apologies to give in this respect. Perhaps Estee Lauder will be checking on this as it must be taken as counterfeit and on Ebay you are not allowed to sell counterfeit products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I would want to buy a counterfeit product, I can find them in Hong Kong by the million. I would have copy handbags but I do not want them. The quality is not the same and they look tacky. The solids if they are counterfeit and the perfume is counterfeit, I would prefer to flush them down the toilet as they belong on the street markets where you know you are not purchasing the real thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do not belong here on our solid perfume site!

Am very angry at the moment.