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Welcome, Jeansdreams! Amazing timing!! 🙄

Thought I posted this but it did not show up. That's what happens when one “Previews” one's post, then forgets to “Add Reply.”

Anyway, as far as I know and from what I've read on other sites (and as discussed with nys in pm's…just to keep all informed) the Warehouse Sales sell lots more than Solids. All the brands Estee Lauder carries supposedly are sold there. Cosmetics, I suppose, top the list. Have no idea if perfumes are available, but they probably are. And no, I cannot name the brands as that would jeopardize this site. Suffice to say they are all inherent to Estee Lauder.

Am I curious as to what the sales are like? Absolutely. Do I really want to go? Haven't given it any thought in ages but probably not. Do I want empty solids. No. But that's just me.

Regardless…the Warehouse Sales are here to stay. We can debate them forever but everyone will have a different opinion. I'm just putting it all out of my head right now.

'nite again…. 🙂