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'Lisa' wrote on '23:

please let's not get all worked up over our differences…

I have stayed out of this post from the start because I could see it was going to get nasty.

However, I have to say I TOTALLY agree with Lisa on this one, and was thinking of a way to say this myself without treading on my 'friends' toes because I might disagree with their point of view or think it's come across too strong.

In the future it'd be nice just to state your opinion only without pointing the finger at anyone and getting angry and nasty. We have already lost a few mates on this site by venting our disagreements like this in the past.

I understand people are passionate about certain things, and because I know them on the site, I can still stay good friends with them despite differences.

We can all read between the lines, and there is the use of personal messenger on here so you don't have to publicly humiliate people to perhaps regret it later.

Personally, I prefer to buy MIB, and also I do appreciate the fact that this topic was brought up so I could also be enlightened to things I didn't know before.

Thank you Zooey, Petals, Nyslzzle, MitzyMay for all the major input – I think we can all make up our own minds now as to where we want to go with this.

And THANKS to jeansdreamsforever for offering instant access to the warehouse sales !!!