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Welcome to the site!

Ooooo… I would love to go and actually see what a EL warehouse sale is like… one day…. and yep…. I would buy empty solids and yes.. I would sell them… like I have some up for sale now… I actually got 14 pieces that I didn't have already in my collection and it made me very, very excited!

I want to have a place where collectors can buy solids for their collections if they don't have them at all… don't like it than hey, don't buy them… simple…

I would rather have an empty solid than not have the solid at all…. and if I can at some point replace it with a MIB solid…. that's just me though…. everyone has their own ways on how they collect…. but no one is right and no one is wrong…

I don't think the actual empty compacts are counterfeits… the work involved in casting the mold, enameling and hand setting the stones would cost way too much to go and turn around and sell the compact for $5

Like I stated we all have different opinions on how we like to collect…. please let's not get all worked up over our differences…