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nysizzle, I had no idea who the seller of the homemade solid perfume was, nor the seller of the compacts that show a box in the photo and are sold without it. Yes, I agree with you that EL is the true source of the solid values plummeting. Whether someone buys a warehouse solid or not is a personal choice. The true instigator is EL for flooding inferior or empty pieces and demonstrating little regard for their retail customers. It is the fault of EL that they are in the marketplace and not the resellers. And I said before, I would go to a sale if I could get in, but I would prefer that NOBODY have this opportunity! I have purchased empties when I was unable to collect MIB, which I prefer because I DO hope someday they will have greater value — again, my choice.

However, I do not feel in the least guilty about warning my fellow collectors about my experiences with unscrupulous sellers. And I am very grateful they are making me aware of other issues – such as the sale of compacts refilled with DOCTORED UP solid perfume. I am so disillusioned with people who are not honest. I just want sellers to be upfront about what they are selling.

You said: “And the pictures that say from file …… are from our file. We took pictures of every compact we have had in the house. Why should I keep taking pictures over again when I have them already. The description is there to be read. Do you always shop by picture alone? There is NO deception!” IN MY OPINION IT IS DECEPTIVE. The purpose of a photo is to show an image of the item being sold. If the box isn't for sale, DON'T SHOW IT!.

I think your rant on people who corresponded privately with you is in poor taste. I am glad I was not one of them.