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Please read all the way to the end.

First of all I would like to tell you all that I am NOT selling anything. My sister sells on Ebay and yes! She is selling the solid perfume refills. As for all the people who had something to say ……..

1. It isn't anyone's business, just don't buy the refills if you don't want them.

2. It is allowed to sell homemade solid perfume and use the name Estee Lauder in the title and description on Ebay. Look at the rules if you think you know so much instead of saying someone is doing something wrong.

3. The compacts being sold ARE NOT filled with the homemade solid. It is available in the refills only AND 99% of the people who bought them are buying them to wear the fragrance.

4. If you think she is the only one doing this you are WRONG! Where do you think she got the idea and the instructions to make them ……. ESTY of course. So this means she is not the first nor the last that will be making solid perfumes with scents that people want.

5. We are in America (even though many of you aren't) and in America we have the right to free enterprise. This means she can sell what she wants as long as it isn't illegal.

Now lets take a look back in time to some of the posts from this site. Very interesting I think. A very accomplished collector saying she can make estee lauder refills!



  Posted 15 October 2008 – 11:24 AM It's been over 3 years since I've actively collected the Estee solids. I have been very busy, but I have to admit, I am disgusted by what I see on Ebay and Estee Lauder's apparent lack of compassion towards their collectors. I get the new Harrod's Bear each year and that's about it with few exceptions. As for the empty solids on Ebay, I know how to make solid perfume and can make something that is pretty close to what they do.

Also, I opened up some of the solids I bought just from the past 3 years and all of the black rubbery lettering (inside the compacts that goes over the “Estee Lauder” stamp) is coming off! How do you like that?

I say the heck with EL! The people running the company obviously didn't share EL's idea of customer service!

I love what you're doing with this site for collectors and have met so many nice people to share ideas and collect with. You'd think EL would have thought of it first but they're too busy making money to care about their devoted collectors.


This is just my personal opinion and probably it has all been said many times before but perhaps it would be better if the stores flooded the market with E L compacts rather than the empty factory versions that appear on ebay, at least that way we would have the pouches and boxes? Yes, if a compact is rare then I will purchase it without a box or perfume until the opportunity comes along for me to buy one complete with perfume and boxes. Estee Lauder Company please note: while companies such as Neiman Marcus and Saks are pushing the exclusivity of your compacts and the CC stores are limiting the number of compacts we collectors can purchase, ebay is flooded with empty Estee Lauder compacts being sold for a fraction of the price, thus destroying their value. Sheer hypocrisy!

If Estee Lauder was alive she would be shocked and disappointed at the way her company is being run today.


A totally disillusioned collector


Hey everyone, Donna from Bergdorf's called me today to say the new solids are in and I told her I'm waiting for the cheapies that will flood Ebay soon. She said she's hearing that alot. I bet!

We can only hope EL hears something, but I really thing we're a drop in the bucket as far as sales go so we'll never matter to them. It's their loss. We'll just buy the solids on Ebay and bypass EL altogether.

I still love my solids but I won't pay full price anymore.



What do you mean by “legitimate seller?” Will they rip you off? Probably not. They're being honest in their advertising. They probably got the solids from the factory or a warehouse sale. In fact, one seller states the solids were obtained direct from the factory. I wouldn't want it without the box and perfume (unless it was an appealing prototype) but someone else might. It's a personal preference that we've discussed on this site many times.


QUOTE(mybuffy69 @ Jul 3 2007, 06:32 PM)

Just a curious question for you all.† There are several postings lately in eBay for Jay Strongwater (and other) solids that have never been filled with perfume before.† Do you think these are legitimate sellers?† If so, how did they come by them? It's odd too that they don't have boxes, only the bag.† Doesn't seem on the up and up, but maybe some of you have insight.


I will NOT be buying anymore from the EL Stores-The Pink Lady is my last one- I will only buy them from eBay or other collectors from now on- At this point I don't care if they have scent in them or not- I have enough to make my display case smell good- I collect them for their look- not their scent-

Let EL Execs eat it big time maybe they might have to let one of their servants or maids go when we all boycott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh nooooooooooo

Mark has left the room!!


  Posted 03 August 2005 – 10:27 AM

Oh this makes me sick!!! And really riles me up

Lets charter a fine comfy bus and head out to the WAREHOUSE FIRE SALE!

I want my $5 solids



QUOTE(KK @ Aug 3 2005, 10:27 AM)

Oh this makes me sick!!! And really riles me up

Lets charter a fine comfy bus and head out to the WAREHOUSE FIRE SALE!

I want my $5 solids

I'm game! When do you want to go?



Posted 21 February 2008 – 10:51 PM I would clean it out since you aren't interested in the contents anyway. I don't really see where dried old used perfume adds to the quality of the piece. When I buy them MIB I leave it inside, but if old and yucky I prefer to clean them out. I think it's strictly a matter of personal preference. I've bought several that are empty and it doesn't bother me at all. Truthfully, when I have seen the empty boxless solids on Ebay, I'm going to buy. I really don't think a box is worth $150-200 more for a solid, when all anyone sees is the solid in the curio cabinet anyway. My big ticket solids are MIBB, but since solids don't seem to be holding their value these days, I'm going boxless if I can get a bargain.



A word to my friend Petals who often emails me privately.

I think I will look through my emails so I can post the conversation.

It must have been 3 months ago or more that you first saw the refills on Ebay. You never said a word on this site and as a matter of fact you emailed me privately to tell me not to mention them on the site. Why was that? And why now is it so important? I think as you have said it is because you think these refills are going to make YOUR collection less valuable. I must tell you that if the compacts are losing value it is not because of my sister. It is because of the warehouse empties. it seems after re-reading ALL the post on this site that this has been an issue for years. You (the collectors) have not been able to stop it with all your letters and calls to Estee Lauder. Even though the compacts my sister is selling are not filled with the homemade perfume; since everyone believes they are here is a little bit of news. Since buying empty warehouse solids is bringing down your collections then you shouldn't be buying the empties either or the ones without box as a matter of fact. So what are you worried about if your not buying them.

It seems to me that everyone that is upset over thinking that empty compacts are being filled and then sold must be buying them. In which case they are making your collection value go down. by just the fact of buying these (unboxed) warehouse compacts in the first place. I surely hope you take just as much anger out on them as you have on me and my sister.

For Zooey:

Yes I thought you were my friend is right. How many PM messages have we exchanged to speak about going to warehouse sales. Lets be truthful here. You expressed alot of interest in going to one of the sales. Are you going to tell me is you saw a rare compact there that you wouldn't have purchased it for $25? I really doubt that.

For MitziMay:

I must say you are the only one here who has been consistent about not wanting to buy any compact unless it is MIB. Bravo to you! Although in your post earlier (shown above) you did say that you would buy a rare one without perfume or box if it came along. So are you saying that if the same rare one came along that had by chance been filled with a refill that you wouldn't buy it? I mean really, what is the difference? You could just scrape the perfume out and it would be empty and without box ….. correct?

I know this is a long post but feel that I must say my peace.

No one is hurting your collections except Estee Lauder as I have said before. If they didn't let the compacts out of the warehouse none of these conversations would be happening. Nor would they have for years. Don't blame anyone out there for taking the initiative to make a dollar. They don't have to be your dollars. If true collections are so important to you then stick to the MIB ones.

The solid perfumes made by my sister ARE Estee Lauder perfumes. They are just put into a solid base. They are not fakes. They may not be knock you on the floor strong, but who wants to wear that anyway. The compacts all smell like Old Lady, except maybe the Pleasures and Beautiful.

And the pictures that say from file …… are from our file. We took pictures of every compact we have had in the house. Why should I keep taking pictures over again when I have them already. The description is there to be read. Do you always shop by picture alone? There is NO deception!

One last statement.

I feel you have all turned on me, when you have been nice to in the past. Perhaps the niceness was not sincere. I really don't care and I really don't need to post. I was enjoying the interacting stories but can live without any of it.

I actually belong to the site for the information. Which is why I was upset when it was going to shut down. I really do collect compacts and I really did have a family member that worked in the factory so I never had a MIB one. I happen to think they are pretty which is why I collect them. I buy them full, empty who cares. Im not selling my collection. They remind me of my sister that died.

I hope everyone enjoys their collections and the memories they bring. Those that hope to be rich one day from the price rising higher and higher ….. more power to you. Now go back and read why you collect. Not one of you said to make money on the value in the future.

Im finished.