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Hi all 🙂

Wow this has been an interesting read!! There has been some really valid points made on here.

In my personal view the best thing to do is always check when you are buying a “full” solid that it has the original scent inside. With these perfumes being made available to anyone to use, then it is very likely that there are more warehouse full solids than we think. It's just something else to be vigilant on.

I don't mind warehouse solids too much as I do have some, I haven't always got the money to buy perfection everytime!! However, in my mind a warehouse is a warehouse is a warehouse. What's the point in trying to dress it up as anything else. The only point is to make money. I wouldn't bother filling my warehouse solids because I've plenty of other solids that I can stick my nose into and have a good smell, so the peolpe who do are doing it for profit and profit only. Like I said, it's probably a lot more widespread thesedays than we think.

All sellers are never going to be upfront all of the time, but at least this discussion has brought out the problem, and enabled us to make a educated decision when we are buying full solids. That's probably the best we can hope for. Let's face it nothing is going to be done about the problem. 🙁