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Thanks, AR. I saw that too but did not catch the fact that she claims it's a “stock photo.” Looks original to me…just doctored up the text. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse….wow! 😡

Look, we all know who is doing this. And we all know she's making a pile of money selling unlicensed Estee Lauder solid perfume, whether it's alone or in a rejected compact sold at the warehouse.

So I must ask you to STOP. As a collector, I resent your deceitful behaviour. As an occasional seller, you're giving all good sellers bad names by pushing off fake scents in EL compacts. This is outrageous and it must stop or BE stopped. And I guarantee you – it will be stopped. You simply cannot fill up Estee Lauder Solid Compacts with your own concoction of perfumes, then sell them as Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compacts. What part of this do you not understand? Please pm me and I'll speak slower.

Thought you were a friend…sad to find out how wrong I was.