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Well thanks everyone for the educational lesson! I had no idea that full was not full of the original. Dang it! Now I am wondering ok which ones did I buy like that? I cannot even recall! Ack! Now I am going to sniff all of my solids!! LOL! Once I am on my 'Estee' sniffing high, I will once again be so thankful for this site that lets me learn the do's and don'ts of solid perfume collecting.

I also appreciate the well spoken opinions regarding solid collection values. I appreciate the value being maintained for my collection. My heart though values my little solids more than the market dictates though! Some of my favorite solids I just love for being able to obtain them and admire them. I think I really value my older Estee solids mostly because of the rarity and especially when I have found them mint in the box. Anyway, best wishes to all and happy collecting!

Jenn aka Solid J