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'nyslzzle' wrote on '19:

Oh my! I just had a thought.

Since we know that the perfume is scraped out of the compacts before they are sold empty at the Estee Lauder warehouse sales, perhaps someone knows an Estee Lauder employee at the warehouse and is able to purchase the solids that were taken out in vat containers and then is reselling them as refills in smaller containers. Wow all they would need to do is put the emptied real EL solid perfumes into little containers and then sell them. Now wouldnt that be something and Estee Lauder would know about it since they are the ones ordering the perfume to be scraped out. What a thought …. these refills just could be the original Estee solid perfumes. Maybe the seller doesnt want to jepordize their contact at the warehouse and just says they are homemade. Hummm…

Lets hope no one can find the boxes and labels they throw away at the warehouse or we will never know if the mint in box ones are legit either.

But as we know from waiting for EL to do something about the warehouse sales, they really dont care. It is actually EL that is sabotaging the collectors isnt it?

Have some bad news here for the Seller. Seems VERO operates out of Estee Lauder in the takes them a little longer to find all the solid perfume problem sellers in all the various countries, then they must check with their legal department, (EL's,) then they get all the Seller's info from eBay. Auctions are stopped and at that point, I would hope the Seller has his/her home, car, bank accounts and all possessions in someone else's name as it can all be taken away in court via Fines, Penalties, etc. Oh…not only does Lauder hold you accountable for infringement…eBay does too. How? By suspending the Seller…permanently. All this for a few extra bucks? Is the seller nuts? To state it's made by Estee Lauder is outright fraud…and am sure it will be dealt with. The sticks are made by Estee Lauder. The pots…NO. BIG mistake on the part of the seller…this is going to be one very sad, broke person when it hits the proverbial fan.

Regardless, Corporate NY is in touch with Corporate UK so within a week or 2 there will be action taken. And no, the pots of solid perfume are not legit. Not endorsed by Estee Lauder. Not sold by Estee Lauder. No product testing for safety or hygiene. This could get quite nasty for the Seller. Almost feel sorry for them. NOT!

And the Warehouse Sales? Lauder doesn't get all upset about them. But their trademarked Perfumes and Colognes…WoW! I see a tsunami on the horizon…

Hope whoever it is…is paying attention. Seriously.

Oh dear…yet another sticky wicket.