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I remember buying ” Pleasures ” in a long pink stick years ago, probably 2003. EL also had the sticks in Dazzling Gold & Silver. The only refill I have ever seen came with the Beautiful star, and that was released ages ago. EL wouldn't make enough money on refills to produce them, makes more sense to make a whole new solid. I am surprised Ebay hasn't shut these sellers down who are making these solids. When I first started buying things on Ebay, one of the things I bought were perfume decants. I knew a woman who flew to Paris twice a year to buy perfumes unavailable in the US. I also made the acquaitance of a woman who flew to Italy and did the same thing. Both would also buy several full size bottles and sell them as well for a profit. They both would decant them into sample size tubes and sell them on Ebay. That's all been shut down on Ebay as the manufacturers of the perfumes were unhappy. I think they both made alot of money doing this, one bought a new SUV, and the other was building a new home. It's amazing the ways people can make big money on Ebay. I love perfume, and loved being able to buy the decants of perfumes unavailable in the US, and believe me there are hundreds. The only thing Ebay will allow now are the manufacturers sample sizes for sale.