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'Kandie' wrote on '15:

I appreciate your concerns and comments – please note that I was refering to the refill jars for my personal use. I tried to locate Estee Lauder refills, but came up empty handed. If anyone knows where I might purchase just the solid perfume for personal use, I would appreciate the guidance. While I am new to collecting, I am not very patient with hobbies and between 3 years of collecting Estee powders and a year of collecting solid perfumes, I have already invested ~$60k in compiling my collection of 400+ items. I share your concerns about devaluation, and unfortunately bought empty solids in the beginning not realizing that these might have been “factory rejects” or “irregulars” until I read the postings on this web site – live and learn! I wanted to share my experiences with this seller who I have always found to be honest and direct – if the item was refilled, the seller would be prompt and straightforward in answering, and if the item was original w/original perfume, the seller would confirm. Yes, there are a lot of misleading sellers on eBay and unfortunately, we all must shop “buyer beware” and ask questions before bidding. I just didn't want a seller who has been fair with me (and others, per the example above) to be labeled as scamming anyone or deliberately trying to mislead – I am just encouraging everyone to ask before buying, which while not new advice is always a good reminder. Best wishes//Kandie

Hi Kandie, welcome to our website.

You must have a wonderful collection of compacts!

Going back to your comments: the whole question of asking the seller if the compact has been refilled or not is immaterial the crux of the matter is that the refills in question are homemade and therefore are not genuine Estee Lauder refills. The refills are being sold under the Estee Lauder name which breaks ebay's rules as they are fakes. What on earth is Estee Lauder and ebay doing about all this? Sitting on the sidelines again I suppose!!!