Solid Perfume Forums Re: Estee Lauder figurals?

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This is for the Estee Lauder experts:

Was the “Jester” from 1998 the first “human” figural perfume solid that was made by Estee Lauder?

I know since then there has been the following:

Classical Clown 1999
Circus Clown 2001
Pirouette 2001

and for this year

The Matador
The Dancer
The Cowboy

Also I am told by my Las Vegas contact that there will be an “exclusive” showgirl for the Vegas store coming out in December 2002 or early 2003.
Does anyone else know more about this solid?

So am I missing any “human” figurals?

P.s. I don’t count the mermaid and fairy solids in this category. Although I guess the mermaid is half human (right) But I look at these solids more as “fantasy” characters.

Thanks for your input.