Solid Perfume Forums Re: Estee Lauder at Saks

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I took a huge risk and never pre-ordered any solids. I went to Saks before noon. They said the dragonfly sold out. “Oh, Nooooo!”, I said to myself. [Frown] The sales people weren’t helpful at first, so I went ahead and purchased the acorn. I told several sales associates that I seriously wanted the dragonfly. After some time and patience, they found one. I got them signed. [Big Grin]

The Strongwater solids are my new favorites. The enamel work is so detailed that it almost looks real….and I thought the enamelling on the birdbath was good. I just wish I could afford to buy all five. [Frown] Yet, I’m excited I finally bought the dragonfly and acorn. [Big Grin] We’ve waited months….and it was well worth it. [Wink]

I was surprised Houston actually had the Strongwater signing and all 5 solids. This city gets by-passed/ignored for Dallas and Austin on most things. I can go on. Anyways, I wonder why the cities chosen were the ones chosen?