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Im just back from saks, I got the dragonfly and the crown. I had thought I didn’t want the frog but after seeing him I now want him, he is really gorgeous. In fact I also like the acorn and the romantic(books and frame) The Jay strongwater designs are the best as far as I’m concerned they have come up with. They are more substantial in weight, and the detailing is extremley nice. He was a nice guy and signed both of my pieces on the bottom of the piece( not the box) in ink. Saks in Houston is totally sold out of everything, in fact the other 3 pieces that I now want they are going to have to order from another location. Girls they are really pretty.
I also went by Neimans, love the octupus, and the giraffe, in fact I like all of them except the bullfighter and the spanish dancer. Not impressed with those two but the rest I adore, but the Saks group really looks better than the Neimans group this year. JMHO.