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I’ve been loitering here for months now, and want to tell you, Lisa, how much I enjoy this site. Its wonderful to see all this information, enthusiastic collectors, lovely pictures. Thought I’d better join so I can comment every so often. This year I’m buying the Nordstrom’s fairy and the Saks powder compact called Sea Stars – Dolphins. I’m not much of a solid collector, you can tell from my name that mini perfumes are my first love, but they are so beautiful I buy at least one solid a year and every so often a powder compact. Last year I bought the rhinestone black cat and I love it. I don’t have a lot of solids compared to most of you, about 30 – 35, but I have some very nice ones (like the carousel, the pink cat, the fairy, the peach, the piggy, and the blue air balloon), though I never know the correct names. I am curious to see if the fairy is the one pictured or a totally different one? I hear rumors that it may not be the one in the picture. Since I have last year’s fairy, thought I’d add this year’s fairy. After seeing what the carousel is going for on e-bay at this moment, I’m really glad I bought it when it came out!! Hi to everyone, and this is a great site.