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[Eek!] Received the Saks Dragonfly and Prince Charming yesterday. They’re both going back:( The Dragonfly is ok, but am not sure what’s behind him…an onion? An avocado? Then there’s Prince Charming. Not very charming at all. He IS a true frog, right down to the warts. Am sure collector’s of Jay Strongwater will love both of these solids, but guess I’m just not into the artsy thing. Much prefer the standard, pretty solids.

Also sent back the Enchanted Fairy. She’s just not so enchanting. Love the original, but this one looks like she’s bowling. Plus, I do see a striking resemblance between the Poodle’s face and hers, so I can’t justify the money spent. Already have the poodle:)

These are just my own personal opinions. Am sure there are lots of you out there who will love them. Personally, I can’t wait to get the Neiman’s collection…all beautiful! [Wink]

Have a beautiful weekend! [Smile]