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One more thing about the Enchanted Fairy and then I’m done.
Did anyone who has one notice how the flower is different from Lisa’s picture on this site under see new solids for 2002. I know this happens a lot but I just thought I would mention it. In Lisa’s posted picture the fairy has a red flower with a crystal center. However, the Fairy that I purchased is holding a pink rose? Is this a conspiracy? [Mad]
Okay not such a big deal but I thought the flower would be red since I like red [Big Grin]
Also please advise if you have seen (in person) or purchased the solids from Saks. Is there just a picture frame or a picture frame with a picture of a woman on top of the solid with the books? I have seen it two ways in pictures and was just wondering.
Okay, I can now go back to reading my Wall Street Journal.