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Hear, hear Lisa !! Totally agree – no-one wants to be 'ripped' off by retail prices anymore when they can get them for less than half price elsewhere!!

EL are ruining there own reputation in the market with things like this happening. Having supported the Australian market for so long, it is a shame to have to find out that the same products can be obtained EASILY elsewhere in the world for a fraction of the retail cost here.

I and many others here no longer support the EL market in Australia and it looks like other countries are getting the same message!

We want quality and we want a fair deal. There will be no retail market soon if people on Ebay keep producing these 'cheapies'.

Apart from not buying a solid at retail price in Australia for 4 years (when I used to buy 4 – 5 each year . . . yes, lots of $$$ for the store and EL), I have also now not bought a retail solid from the US for 2 years (when I used to buy about 7 – 8 each year).

Not only is the pricing a problem, but the QUALITY has been low. I have not had the slightest interest in the solids produced in 2004 – 2005 and therefore have purchased NONE. I don't suppose I am the only one!

EL needs to re-evaluate their products to HIGH QUALITY, low price instead of LOW quality, high price!