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Hello Elly,

Some of the older solids are very difficult to find with the perfume and the boxes.
I and many others do the same as Lisa mentioned. If I can find the solid I
want and it does not have any perfume or box, I will still purchase. Then, later
if I am lucky enough to find the same solid complete with perfume and box,
I will sell the earlier one!

I did that with the Red Rose and others. It isn't that I am going out of my way
to find empty solids. These are not solids that have been produced and not filled.
They are older empty solids, some with labels, some not.

Now I am sure this has been mentioned in a previous post (I will have to re-read) but if I come across the tutu or the ballet slippers with perfume, I will buy BUT
when and if I find the same solid MIB, then of course I will buy that one two and
upgrade! I would loathe to have a case full of empty never used solids! As
I think Sandra pointed out in another post, you can always tell if a solid has had perfume, even if it has been cleaned……….

So please don't give up and sell your collection………unless of course you are selling some that I really, really want!

Seriously Elly, the reasons for selling collections are very varied and personal.
Look upon your solids not only as something to enjoy (which I certainly do) but something as an investment too. THAT IS, OF COURSE, IF THE MARKET ISN'T FLOODED AND THE WAREHOUSE SALES AND EMPLOYEES SHOP SALES ARE

Now you have got me going! <img src='style_emoticons//ohmy.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’ohmy.gif’ />