Suzanne Martin
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Hi Ann, This is Monique replying for Suzanne, she is very busy with her Grand Jury. Here is what I mean by getting screwed: The voucher for $300.00 is the Maximum allowed for an entire year which means if a collector is going to buy the entire collecdtion which will run around $5000 they will only get a $300.00 voucher which will be applied only on the next year purchase. Furthermore, they are selling the “Exclusives” to Neiman and Saks, and by offering the voucher program they are taking the customers away from these stores. One way to circumvent the $300.00 limit is to buy under one's name, to the limit of $1500 then under your spouse's name for the next $1500 and so on. This is a very stupid thing to do. They are creating a division between their main Stores by trying to take and keep all of the collectors in their own stores. I have been in sales all my life and have been quite successful at it. This is the most underhanded and stupid marketing tool I have ever seen. I guarantee you that Saks and Neiman will figure a plan to do one even better and if EL continues to try to undercut them they will loose them like they lost Nordstrom.