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I just contacted Farzy to cancel my order on the Palace. She said it was too late (conveniently) because it was in the shipping department. She asked why? I told her about all the problems, she said there aren’t any. It will be interesting to see it. It’s odd that there are more of the palace than the van and bear??? My palace is supposedly signed which may or may not increase the value. After closer inspection of my Octupus which thanks to this site I would have overlooked…it looks like there is some “spillage” or at least a lot of dulling on the enamel near the hinge…they must really have had problems with it holding the perfume in it. The other one I got which I can’t remember ordering hmnnnn? is the igloo….it is very cute, but the scale is very wrong….the Polar Bear cute Eat the whole igloo in one fell swoop, and the Snowman would fall on it and crush it. It just doesn’t fit in size with the others. I did break down and bought the Spanish dancers and think they look very nice together. I think the general release ones especially the Pegasus with it’s massive box (much bigger than the Circus Lion) are the best value, the sandcastle is sweet and so is the puppy….I think I’ll have to start sticking to the “mainstream” ones. I have about 150 Estee pieces (compacts too) + a lot of other’s so I’m just about done with my $$$. I’ll be writing to the Estee company as well and will be awaiting my Palace with bated breath. Take care….