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The whole idea of collecting (IMHO as Michele would say) is just that! No-one collects items which are being sold on a daily basis and are easy to access! Why would anyone do that! If I buy a plastic spoon, am I going to keep buying plastic spoons when I can find them every which way?? The whole idea of collecting is to find a treasure which normally one cannot find and due to its rarity ones collection may well increase in value. Take the collectors who invest in beautiful paintings etc. and those who collect other items which are difficult to find!

Saying this is only for the rich is ludicrous. This is a hobby for everyone whether it be hard earned saved up cash or cash which is more easily come by. Who cares! That does not come into the equasion. This is for anyone and no-one is looking to see what anyone else's bank balance etc. stands at. It is a hobby which treats all alike and there is no question as to who can or cannot afford to spend. To be honest and to put it bluntly, that is noone's business or concern!

The bottom line is as far as I am concerned is why should I spend my money on items at high prices which will be released later at a fraction of the price! If they are going to be sold at a fraction of the price (and I am not speaking of those solids which do slip through the net on Ebay which is fantastic for any buyer) then put them in Woolworths and don't dress them up with Harrods or Neiman Marcus etc., labels! They cannot be sold as both! Either there is control over these items or there is not! I DO NOT WANT TO FIND THAT MY COLLECTION HAS BEEN REDUCED TO A LOAD OF JUNK!

In the same context, I do not want to be told by a Representative that a certain item is limited to 40 or 500 and then find this is not the case. If they are limited, it has to be stated on a card in the box. Then there is recourse if more are sold than stated as there is such a thing as the Trade Descriptions Act. Please correct me if I am wrong.