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I feel I must make a comment here! I am sick to death of seeing the older compacts which were so sought after in the past, appearing on Ebay at a fraction of the price and selling at ridiculously low prices! Great if you can acquire something at auction which somehow slips through the net! But to see the older ones appearing over and over again…………….well! And these are always from the same seller(s). Well, these particular sellers will be fighting each other as there is no room for more than one with the amount of stuff being churned out!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm afraid to say that the particular seller you are referring to is not the only person who has an abudance of older compacts which they list and sell at unrealistic prices.

It seems that the ''habit'' is catching and the older collectors who have spent an enormous amount of money acquiring the ''hard to get'' solid compacts have to watch their collections sink lower and lower and lower. This is so unfair. It is
also unethical and wrong that the moulds are supposedly still available so that these solids can be made and flood the market.

Soon there won't be any Collectors and also, Collectors will not want to pay full whack for anything.

So for all those selling these items, it seems your cup doth not runneth over anymore! Too much of a good thing and you are left with nothing!