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Hi all, I just read all the great comments which are very interesting, one thing though ….. the seller I mentioned in the begining with the beautiful pictures …. most of his/hers sales are from members of this site. So much for some not buying from people that get compacts from the company! I say dont hate the player – hate the game! Someone, whether they are selling off a collection they paid top dollar for or ones they get at discount cant be faulted for trying to make a dollar in todays harsh world.

I say the fault lies with EL for not making them a bit more affordable so everyone can be happy. Let me ask this – since they are not made in limited amounts – and we all know they are not – what would be the difference if you and I could both buy them for lets say $100 each and you put yours into your collection and I sell mine on ebay to someone located where they dont import them. There are collectors in Australia, Germany, Singapore and even Israel that cant possible get these items. Perhaps if EL did keep to the limited quantities with a lower price this could work. Then it would be a first come first get product. They wouldnt have to destroy anything and would probably definately sell all they make. Then they would be true collector items.

The whole thing reminds me of the comic book era – companies saw demand and made millions – they are worthless now. It just irks me to see things destroyed and the fact that EL makes everyone believe they are purchasing collector items. I have seen posts here over the years where someone had to sell their collection for medical bills, etc. Isnt it disgusting that an investment as big as these little items becomes worthless in a time of need. Im not worried about rich people (sorry to offend anyone) Im worried about people who have had to work and save to get these compacts. Its like everything else – look at the real estate market and how many regular hardworking people are losing. It all goes back to those who are well off financially get eveything. Some who say go ahead and throw away the compacts, food or anything else they can probably wont ever need to find a way to make money in a time of need. EL should rethink their business practice on compacts.

One more thing – I saw that somone mentioned senior citizens working to help make the compacts, well they also use alot of unskilled labor to add crystals, etc. I know this for a fact. So they are making these things for under $10 each. They can stand to sell them a bit cheaper.

Thanks for all the great replies to my original post! I enjoy reading what eveyone has to say.