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Yes, I agree that Limited solids are the way to go but………when do we know if a solid is really limited!

Point in question: I was told (not just once but many times by Harrods) that the English Rider was limited to 40. I popped into Harrods quite a few times and called and each time was told that there were only 2 or 3 left. I also checked out the English Rider to see if the card inside the box stated limited to 40. It did not!

Later I received the list of solids that Harrods would be stocking (not from Harrods but by a friend collector who brought it back via the States) and…..yes…..the English Rider is shown. So where is the information as given out by Estee Lauder at Harrods. Also, when I have been there it has always been for sale.
In the past Harrods stated on the card that only 500 or however many, had been released. Then gradually this was omitted, i.e. the date mentioned but no figures for the number(s) released.

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