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I think it is so sad Estee Lauder is releasing so many solids. I would much rather EL release perhaps 5 a year of the big buck solids as a limited release, then 6 or so of the general distribution solids in a not so limited release. Lately, it has seemed EL is releasing new solids every time you turn around. Look at last year. It was not long after the big buck solids for Neimans and Saks were released that the marine solids ( seahorse, sea urchin and starfish ) came out. Then, there were all those reissues of the older compacts, and right after that, the bicycle, crab, beach chair and ice cream cone. If I were in charge of EL, I wouldn't be issuing quite so many solids, particularly if the are being sold at rock bottom prices at warehouse sales. I really don't see any business sense there at all. I can't tell you how much I look forward to the Harrods solids in late summer and early fall. I save my money for them as I think they are all worthwhile. Last year I really wanted the Holt Renfrew Shopping bag but couldn't afford it at the time. I'm really glad I waited as I got it on Ebay MIBB for half the price. I was surprised but thrilled, it may not be that limited of an edition, but it's a great solid. I did pay full price for the Tuberose Gardenia solid. I thought is was a really different great piece, and I only paid about $25 more for it MIBB. Reading the post about crushing the solids made me want to weep. I really think limited editions are the way to go…..