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The ëFlower Cartí and ëThe Barní are limited editions of 400 and 500 pieces. Iím wondering if in the future all solids -except for the general distribution- are or going to be limited to 400 / 500 pieces or maybe even less to 250 / 300 pieces.

Another question would be if they could get more creative with their ëfree giftsí. For years the ëfree giftsë are more or less the same old story. An idea would be, if for example you buy Strongwater solids for $400 / $500 at Saks (and not at the Lauder stores to get the cash discount), you get a general distribution solid or powder compact for free. Many ëgeneral solidsí and powder compacts are going to end up at the CC stores anyway. Or maybe they could come up with a 'Lauder card', which is valid in every store that sells Estee Lauder, and you could collect $ amounts or points and instead of a free turkey or ham you would have a choice of Lauder items or cash discount – just an idea.